All Aluminum Docks And Components



Most Common 32’ Length Docks






4’ ,8’ ,16’ Sections Available For Easy Installation


     The aluminum frame construction makes for a lifetime of durability and pleasure. The all aluminum extruded frame rails and support material is marine grade T6 Aluminum. As a marine dealer DS Docks And Lifts are tested over and over assure the highest quality in lakefront equipment.

     DS Docks And Lifts are made to adjust to your lakeshore with ease, using the many dock sections and accessories available. All roll-in docks and lifts include poly wheels. All 4’x 4’ cedar deck panels are constructed with all-weather adhesive and stainless steel fasteners. The maintenance free 12”x4’ Poly decking is removable for seasonal storage. The all aluminum 4’x4’ panel has a durable baked powder coated nonskid finish.




                Standing Sectional Dock Options






Panel Designs


            1 x 4 Plastic                                  4 x 4 Cedar Panel                             4 x 4 Aluminum Panel     






45 Degree Dock Angle               Dock Corner                Adjustable Dock Leg           Poly Wheel  With

                                                                                                                                   Axle And Lock                                                   







                      Adjustable Boat Bumpers                  Swim Ladder                               4’ Dock Bench



Living At The Lake Is A Breeze With Products From DS Docks And Lifts


10 Year Limited Warranty

DS Docks & Lifts DBA Dalton Sports & Repair will repair or replace, at their discretion, any portion of the lakefront

equipment that fails as a result of manufacture defect in materials or workmanship during the first year after purchase, all warranty repairs must be must be authorized in advance by DS Docks & Lifts DBA Dalton Sports & Repair

After one year from date of purchase DS Docks & Lifts DBA Dalton Sports & Repair will repair or replace any portion of the lakefront equipment that fails as a result of  materials or workmanship at a prorated cost to the customer



 Years After Purchase                                      % To You Of Current Retail Price

             1                                                                            20%


        Add 10% Per Year Thru The Warranty Period     

Note: All Decking, Carpeting, Tires, Cable, Canopy Fabric and Manual Winches Carry A 1 Year             Warranty     Except Those Components That Carry Manufacturers Warranty

There are no other expressed or implied warranties period

Our obligations under this warranty which are for the original owner only and are non transferable

Are limited to repair or replacement at our discretion. We shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind period .

For service of this warranty, contact your DS dealer or DS Docks & Lifts  at 1-888-256-2551.




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